Four-Year Plan

What should students do in Ninth Grade?
Students need to adjust to the rigor of high school: an increased amount of nightly homework, more frequent and longer assessments. Establishing good study skills during this time will serve students throughout high school. If a student is struggling, he or she should reach out to the support structure in the MVCDS community for help.

What is the best way for a Ninth Grader to prepare for Standardized Tests?
Ninth graders should do their homework and assiduously prepare for tests and quizzes in their academic courses.

What should parents do when their child is in Ninth Grade?
Parents need to start letting students make choices for themselves.

Parents should attend 9th Grade Parent Night in March.

Parents should read Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be by Frank Bruni.

Goals of Ninth Grade
Students need to focus on developing relationships with teachers and getting involved in activities. Ninth graders need to recognize themselves as part of a community and find productive ways to contribute to it.

What to do during the summer following Ninth Grade?
Volunteer! Students should look around their community and see where strong, young people are needed: parks, social services, hospitals, camps, museums . . . try them all.

Also, read plenty of good books.

What should students do in Tenth Grade?
Students need to focus on academic engagement: participation in class, academic exploration outside of class, articulating personal interests and researching how to pursue them further. Tenth graders should look carefully at Maumee Valley’s Intensives as a useful avenue for 1) satisfying academic requirements in a creative manner, and 2) pursuing personal interests outside of school.

Standardized Tests
Students will take the PSAT for the first time in October of their tenth grade year. This testing scenario is WHOLLY practice. (These scores are NOT sent to college, nor do they count toward National Merit recognition.) Students and parents can examine results of this test as an indicator for future performance on standardized tests, and, in discussions with the college counselor, can decide if any additional test preparation would enhance performance.

What should parents do when their child is in Tenth Grade?
Parents need to research and schedule vacation trips that allow students to see a range of schools: state schools, research institutions, small, liberal arts schools, faith-based schools, rural schools, urban schools, etc.

Parents should attend 10th Grade Parent Night in March.

Parents should read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

Goals of Tenth Grade
Students should make choices about Intensives and activities, focusing on those that will allow them to grow as students and people. They should commit to activities, learn from the actions and contributions of older students, and put that learning into practice.

What to do during the summer following Tenth Grade?
Students should do something that challenges them intellectually: take a class, attend a college program, or engage in a language immersion. They should follow up on any volunteer projects they might have done the summer prior.

And always: read good books!

What should students do in Eleventh Grade?
Students need to take a challenging course load that speaks to their interests. They should utilize the Intensives thoughtfully, setting up internships or independent studies that will allow them to do hands-on work with mentors who will take an active interest in their progress. Students should make notable contributions to extracurricular activities.

Standardized Tests
Students will take the PSAT again in October to qualify for National Merit recognition. They should plan to take the ACT and/or the SAT in the winter and should map out a schedule of test-taking and test preparation with the college counselor.

What should parents do when their child is in Eleventh Grade?
Parents should attend the Eleventh Grade Parents Night in January AND the Financial Planning Night in February.

Parents should meet with the college counselor and their child to establish a preliminary college list.

Parents should plan tours of colleges on the preliminary list.

Parents should utilize the projected cost calculators on colleges’ websites.

Parents should read Colleges that Change Lives by Loren Pope.

Goals of Eleventh Grade
Students should focus on leadership: serving in key roles in activities, athletics and/or academics that reflect who they are and what they value. Students should look carefully at their preliminary college lists and study the schools which ones feel to be the best match.

What to do during the summer after Eleventh Grade?
Students should challenge themselves in a manner that is “outside of the box”—get a job, go camping, start a blog, etc. In addition, students should follow-through on established relationships from previous summer experiences and Intensives.

And always: read good books!

What should students do in the Twelfth Grade?
Students should complete their final college list by early August, confirming application for Early Action (non-binding) or Early Decision (binding). The Common Application is available online on August 1: seniors can get going on it! They should make a chart of schools to which they will apply, deadlines, and supplemental pieces of writing. If students apply EA or ED, they will learn their admissions status by mid-December. Students should be well-prepared IN ADVANCE to apply to more schools in case they are deferred or denied.

Standardized Tests
Most seniors will conclude the taking of the SAT and/or the ACT during the fall of their senior year.

What should parents do when their child is in Twelfth Grade?
Parents should attend the Twelfth Grade Parents Night in September AND the Financial Workshop in January.

Parents should fill out the FERPA and CSS Profile.

Parents should let their child choose colleges, fill out applications, and wait for decisions without too much intrusion or fanfare.

Parents should read The Road to Character by David Brooks.

Goals of Twelfth Grade
Enjoy the process of applying to college. Students should learn as much about themselves as possible from writing essays, visiting schools, and helping peers. They should remember that they are still in high school and should savor their teachers and their friends. They should remember that they are the leaders of the school and that younger students are looking up to them up until graduation night. They should finish strong, personally and academically, and then start college in the same way.

And always: read good books!

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