A Lifetime Love of Learning

The Early Learning Center engages, nurtures, and supports young children in their pursuit of knowledge and meaning through inquiry, social-emotional development, child-centered curriculum, and creative expression. This is where our students begin their journey toward becoming competent, compassionate, collaborative, and creative global citizens.

Music, visual arts, world language, and physical education are an integral part of our comprehensive curriculum. We fully understand the tremendous impact these programs have on cognitive development, and their ability to foster lifelong participation in and appreciation for the arts and world cultures. Concerts and gallery showings throughout the year in our Millennium Theater showcase the achievements of these young students and the faculty who support them.

Genius of Play
In our classrooms, every minute of the day is a teaching moment. Our approach takes into careful consideration the way children process information and new experiences. At this age, playing is learning.

"Play" can be a misleading term when it comes to early childhood education. Our teachers put into practice what early childhood research has consistently found to be true for more than 100 years: Play is the most important learning experience children can have.

We all learn best by doing … and doing again. For children, that is what playing is. After a night out at a restaurant, your child may re-enact the event with a toy kitchen. His/her brain is using this activity to process the experience, memorize actions and utilize creative thinking.

At MVCDS, we use play to enhance learning. It allows us to gain insight into a child’s interests and understanding of the world, and to build onto those understandings and interests. A play opportunity with buckets and acorns is actually a lesson in big and small and empty versus full.
Development is a Journey
Each child’s unique developmental journey is respected and nurtured.

Knowledge is Constructed by Doing
The learning environment encourages children to construct knowledge and meaning through exploration, discovery, practice, and pursuit of mastery.

Diversity is Honored
The diverse learning community develops awareness, sensitivity, and respect for self and others.

Comprehensive Curriculum
A fully integrated early childhood curriculum promotes development of the whole child. Students demonstrate a passion for learning, and our teachers provide an environment where children can explore their interests while having their developmental needs met. Teachers encourage students to ask questions and take risks, and give them the tools necessary to persevere when faced with new challenges. Students acquire knowledge and develop skills in the areas of mathematics, literacy, science, social studies, technology, the arts, social emotional development, and physical education (both fine and gross motor development). Students learn to work independently as well as collaboratively, and teachers carefully document the children’s progress and understanding.

ELC Curriculum

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