The Middle School experience at Maumee Valley is like no other. There is such an atmosphere of positivity and learning. The MVCDS Middle School taught me how to learn and gave me the necessary skills to succeed.
~Shreyas Banerjee '19

Preparing For The Future

The Middle School’s supportive community is a place where students can be themselves and explore their passions. The faculty inspires their students by creating curriculum which supports these passions. A safe and caring learning environment encourages them to grow and take risks while allowing them to make mistakes in an inclusive, non-judgmental environment.

The Middle School years are a time of tremendous growth and change. Students are regarded as individuals and the faculty strives to meet their unique educational and social-emotional needs. Rigorous academics are combined with character education, high levels of creativity, and regular physical activity. This successful combination ensures that all Middle School students strike a balance between academic achievement and overall personal well-being.

These maturing students develop their leadership and team-building skills beyond the classroom through participation in sports, community service projects, and after-school clubs.

Required and elective Middle School classes also enhance and emphasize critical thinking and creative problem solving. A rigorous schedule keeps students engaged, motivated and challenged throughout each day. Active and thoughtful lessons are the norm, and students are expected to collaborate with their teachers and peers daily. Eighth grade speeches, interdisciplinary science and society research presentations, as well as small, seminar-style classes further prepare students for Maumee Valley Upper School. Self-reflection is fostered as the students lead their own conferences while developing goal-setting skills.

Middle School parents can expect great things from Maumee Valley. Students will learn and live the Middle School pillars of Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, and Participation. These important character traits permeate every lesson and activity throughout the Maumee Valley Middle School.

Beyond The Classroom

Our teachers realize that their students are capable of achieving far more than a test grade. They know their students are capable of conjuring entire worlds with nothing more than a pen and paper, or creating a computer program based on a simple observation of need. Teachers aim to give students the enriching experiences that will help them become independent minds and thoughtful individuals.

The 9:1 student to teacher ratio allows our Middle School teachers make working one-on-one with students a daily priority. The Middle School gives students the opportunity to engage in a challenging academic curriculum while simultaneously cultivating their individual character and sense of self.

Such an education extends beyond the classroom, encouraging students not only to achieve academically, but to also grow as productive citizens of the world.

Grades 7 & 8

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  • A Whole-Child Focus

    Maumee Valley believes in a whole-child focus during the Middle School years. Because adolescence proves to be a challenging time full of growth and change, we ensure that all students can learn in a safe and comfortable environment. The encouraging and supportive atmosphere allows students to feel secure in being who they are and in taking risks. Teachers devote time every day to foster positive relationships with their students. The Middle School learning environment incorporates a strong fundamental academic curriculum with an added emphasis on character development.
  • The Advisee System

    Advisors play a key role in students’ lives. Advisors mentor a small group of 7th and 8th graders, allowing them to get to know each student well. They meet with students daily to help them grow both academically and in character. The advisee system builds an encouraging environment with a strong community of learners, and advisees get to know each other on a more personal level than they would have normally in the classroom. These advisee/advisor relationships often continue beyond the middle school years. Upper school students frequently return to visit their Middle School advisors.
  • Leadership

    • Serving the outside community is an integral part of the Middle School curriculum. Advisee groups perform various community service projects throughout the year. Students seek off-campus opportunities that make a difference in our local community. Some areas of service that students participate in include visits to senior homes and growing food at local gardens. These activities provide advisees to strengthen their relationship as they set out as a team to enrich their community.
    • Student Council plans and orchestrates many student lead activities throughout the year. Primarily executing student social activities like tailgates, water park visits, and bonfires.
    • Student Ambassadors apply and are accepted to assist with the hosting and caregiving for our exchange students from the Steiner School in Ecuador.
  • Academic Excellence

    Middle School teachers set high standards for their students. Teachers are experts at challenging students and creating relevant and engaging courses that prepare students for the next level. In every class, students are immersed in active, purposeful learning. The Middle School curriculum encompasses the study of math, science, social studies, language arts, Spanish, the arts, and physical education. Each subject area has clearly-defined, developmentally appropriate learning outcomes that reflect the school’s mission of academic preparation. ERB scores are consistently higher than other independent schools in the area. In addition to managing a rigorous academic schedule, students participate in many on-campus and state competitions including MATHCOUNTS and Power of the Pen.
  • Math & Science

    Math classes provide students with a solid base of mathematical knowledge in a cooperative atmosphere of active exploration and constructive learning. To better instill confidence and understanding, students are encouraged to complete a high school level Algebra I course by the end of the 8th grade. Science classes foster an environment in which students engage in observing the natural world, making inquiries about their surroundings, and applying critical thinking skills through the analysis and discussion of accepted scientific research.
  • Communication

    Language Arts classes promote literacy, and students are expected to read and think critically, communicate effectively, and understand a variety of perspectives. Students learn how to develop effective and well-written essays, allowing them to advance to the Upper School with confidence in their writing skills. Social Studies teaches students to draw on foundational knowledge in history, geography, economics, civics, and culture to understand current issues and their historical underpinnings. Students apply this knowledge as they develop debate skills in their social studies.
  • Cultural Understanding

    Spanish in the Middle School is a core academic class. The Spanish curriculum requires that students reach a level of oral proficiency in the language as well as develop their cultural awareness of the Spanish-speaking world. Students gain real life cultural learning through visits with our exchange sister schools in Ecuador. Their Ecuadorian peers visit for about a month’s time in the winter and build lasting relationships with the Middle Schoolers. Many keep in touch through social media long after the visit. This involvement allows students to experience another language and culture in the midst of their everyday school lives.
  • Intentional & Experiential Learning

    At Maumee Valley, students are encouraged to engage in the pursuit of knowledge and develop an appreciation for lifelong learning. Students set goals for themselves, monitor their progress toward those goals, and actively make connections and find meaning in their actions. They grow into self- driven, independent learners, which ultimately sets them up for success in their academic and lifelong careers.

    The Middle School curriculum promotes interdisciplinary studies and emphasizes inquiry-based, hands-on projects. Projects in all disciplines introduce students to engaging concepts and incorporate peer evaluation, allowing students to discuss ideas and share constructive feedback. The curriculum also integrates service- learning opportunities, which include visits to the Toledo Food Bank, Toledo Metro Parks, and Toledo Grows. This type of experiential learning is encouraged in all Middle School classes.
  • 21st Century Learning

    The Middle School curriculum focuses on critical 21st century skills that are essential in facilitating future success: critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, character, and global connectedness. Through the use of 1:1 technology, students are able to access the world around them and delve into work that is meaningful, relevant and driven by their passion for learning. Students are given choices in how they present their understanding of the defined learning outcomes and often get to develop their own questions to investigate on a given topic. During their time in the Middle School, students learn what it means to be a good digital citizen and how to use technology appropriately, responsibly and purposefully.
The Middle School aims to shape curious and independent students. Special emphasis is placed on:
  • A strong foundation in math and science
  • Development of self-driven success
  • Exploration of the world and other cultures
  • Collaboration with peers and adults
  • Appreciation of a wide range of fine arts

Head of Middle School

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