Middle School Intensives

The Middle School recognizes the importance of exposing students to a variety of learning experiences. In addition to a rigorous core course of study, the intensives program offers personalized education through choice, pursuit of passion, and exploring various interests. Students select intensive courses to enhance their studies. The intensive study allows for deep learning on topics of student interest such as computer programming, graphic novels, photography, or music creation.

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  • Blood and Guts: A Lab Based Anatomy Course

    The human body is an intricate and complex web of interrelated systems. In this elective, students will listen to speakers of various medical specialties and will conduct dissections and messy experiments in which they will learn about the various systems of the human body. The course will conclude with a frog dissection.
  • Engineering and Design Challenge

    All aboard for the Cardboard Boat Regatta! Have you ever dreamt of building and sailing away on the boat of your dreams? Build and test new products out of paper and get ready to race your cardboard boat using the engineering and design process. Your creativity knows no bounds!
  • Food

    In this class, the many aspects of food will be explored: Basic meal planning and nutrition, sourcing and preparation of various foods, proper food safety practices, popular diets from past and present. We will learn how to read ingredient lists, pay attention to what we eat and how it affects us, and choose food that works for us. We will learn how to prepare (and eat!) a variety of simple dishes so that we can answer the questions, "What's for supper?" and Are you going to eat that?" Students will also learn proper techniques and habits for working in a food-service environment.
  • Graphic Novels

    Do you love to read graphic novels? Are you tired of people judging your comic books? Are you interested in learning more about this unique format of writing? This is intensive is for you. We will read and write different types of graphic novels. We will learn about the writing process used by authors who write graphic novels and illustrators who bring the story alive visually. Join me on this adventure as we explore this wildly popular new structure of writing.
  • Historical Fiction and the Holocaust

    If you are interested in history, the holocaust and young adult fiction then come on a journey that explores Europe in the 1940's. We will examine the events of the holocaust through the analysis of primary sources, memoirs, interviews and historical fiction. Using different resources and many first hand accounts we will deepen our understanding of this atrocity and educate ourselves to prevent it from happening again.
  • Introduction to Robotic Engineering using Lego NXT

    So you want to build the real WALLE or want to learn how the Terminator thinks, eh? This is the elective for you. We will explore both the hardware and the software side of robots using the Lego NXT and various apps on our iPads.
  • Mr. Lang’s Dance Class

    Students will explore basic movement through an introduction of ballet, jazz, modern, and hip-hop. You will learn skills that are designed to increase coordination, encourage creativity, inspire individual expression, and build overall confidence. Everyone will learn how to create his or her own dance as well as learning a choreographed piece by Mr. Lang which will be performed by the entire group at the end of the session.
  • Parts of the Spanish-Speaking World

    This course is a focus on the culture and history of select Spanish Speaking countries. We will look at current events and recent history, the development of the country and pre-european cultures. We will plan a hypothetical trip and learn about different cuisine.
  • Political Cartoons

    Are you an individual with a creative spirit who loves to stir up trouble when it comes to controversial issues? Are you an individual who loves to debate controversial issues, too? If so, this intensive is for YOU! Come one, come all and join the debate by creating impressive political cartoons on issues that affect us all.
  • Sports and Event Management

    Have you ever watched the Super Bowl or attended a concert and thought “How cool would it be to work behind the scenes and be the one responsible for putting on such a killer event?” If so, then this is the elective for you! Learn to plan, promote, and execute an event that will be remembered by your friends for decades!
  • Writers of the World... Unite!

    Do you love to tell stories? Write poems? Craft song lyrics? Is creativity oozing from your every pore? Then, this is the elective for you! Storytellers, poets, lyricists of the world... Unite! We will publish our anthology of writing on Amazon through CreateSpace.

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