Global Leadership Certificate

Through the Global Leadership Program, students will analyze global issues and foster leadership skills through collaborative and creative problem solving, communication, education, critical thinking, and inquiry to become lifelong learners and leaders in the school community and affect change locally and globally.

Yearly Requirements

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  • Individual Requirements

    Each year, students must complete the following: 

    1. Serve on one Global Leadership Program (GLP) committee per year, which includes the creation of a culminating committee project that will be added to a GLP e-portfolio
    2. Two “Educate Yourself” materials
    3. Attendance at two Speaker Series events
    4. Ten community service hours with an organization relevant to our topic
    5. One year of social studies / two semesters of globally-focused electives
    6. One year of world language (at least three years of the same language)

One-time Requirements

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  • One-Time requirements

    Students must complete the following at some point in their high school career: 

    1. Cultural Exchange Experience: can include meaningful international travel that goes beyond a “tourist” experience and meets requirements (to be outlined), hosting an international student, involvement in student life at the residence hall, Intensive travel (approved)
    2. One year of Environmental Science or two semesters of anthropology
    3. Senior paper focused on a globally focused topic

Global Leadership Committees

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  • Community Education

    1. Responsible for educating the ELC, LS, MS, and US and MVCDS community at large about our yearly topic.  (This committee will need to understand the topic from a variety of different perspectives.)
    2. Responsible for finding books, movies, newspaper articles, radio segments, podcasts, etc. for students to use to educate themselves on the topic.
    3. Must offer times for discussions and movie showings (with refreshments).
    4. Also responsible for maintaining/creating the GLP office and educational materials that will be available to students.
  • Community Service

    1. Responsible for finding and pursuing community service opportunities relevant to our topic.
    2. Should make connections and work closely with volunteer organizations.
    3. Responsible for sharing opportunities on the GLP office bulletin board, soapboxes, etc.  (Work in conjunction with the Community Service Club).
  • Raising Awareness

    1. Responsible for raising awareness in the Toledo community as well as the MVCDS community through public service announcements, The Toledo Blade, flyers, documentaries; should work with the Advancement Office.
    2. This committee will create and work with the MVCDS Marketing Director to maintain GLP website.
    3. Raise awareness about topics on a local and global scale.
  • Speaker Series

    1. Responsible for finding and booking speakers relevant to our topic.
    2. Will coordinate airport transportation, devise an itinerary, and take the speaker out to dinner/entertain him/her upon arrival.
    3. Correspond with speakers/agents before arrival, and work with the school calendar to be sure the visit can be coordinated.
    4. Responsible for working with the Marketing Director to publicize the speaker series events.
  • Student Life

    1. Responsible for coordinating student life at the MVCDS residence hall with the MVCDS community at large.
    2. Coordinate global connections within the MVCDS student body.
    3. Host social events to raise cultural awareness in the MVCDS community.
    4. Design and order GLP t-shirts

GLP students will receive:

  • Global Leadership Diploma
  • Letter of recommendation from Global Leadership Program Director
  • Email sent to college admissions officers, outlining the program and including a copy of your certificate
  • Qualification for Global Leadership Award 
  • Qualification for Global Leadership Scholarship 
  • Program T-shirt

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