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  • Global Leadership Program - Trip to Vietnam

    The Global Leadership Program Intensive is a student-driven course in which students choose a capstone experience for the yearlong study of our Global Leadership theme of Healthy Communities. The Intensive will include travel and will incorporate a service learning element to further students’ understanding of the different ways that communities build and maintain the economic, social, political, and physical health of their citizens. This course is not required to obtain a GLP diploma.

On-Campus Studies

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  • Business Chinese

    Do you know that China is the world's second largest economy by nominal GDP and the world's largest economy by purchasing power parity according to the International Monetary Fund?

    There are three phases in this intensive:
    • In the economy phase, you will learn how Chinese economic affects the world economy.
    • In the language phase, you will learn common phrases and scenarios of business and negotiation in Chinese speaking countries.
    • In the culture phase, you will learn about Chinese business culture, etiquette, and the needs of businesspersons.
    Basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is required for success in this course. For non-native Chinese speakers only.
  • Film Studies - Grades 10-12

    Prerequisite: English II
    What makes a film good or bad? Can a movie be better than the book? Can a film review be objective? How do economic forces shape movies? What is a “spoiler”? This intensive will dive into the art of film criticism and the history of film as popular and serious art. In addition to watching great films and writing reviews and criticism, we will read related works of fiction and nonfiction and analyze their relationship to film as forms of storytelling. Writing, reading, and discussion figure heavily in this course.
  • Health Education

    Health Education is a course that will empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to make responsible decisions and contribute to a healthy and safe society. Students will engage in developmentally appropriate lessons that are aligned with the National Standard for Health Education. Completion of this course is a graduation requirement generally taken by sophomore students
  • Intro to Probability and Statistics

    Prerequisite: Algebra I
    This course in introductory statistics and probability will introduce the student to descriptive statistics, uses and abuses of statistics, simulations, probability, and uses of statistics in the real world. Students will have the opportunity to do hands-on probability experiments and simulations. They will learn basics of probability including the use of tree diagrams, rules of probability, combinations, permutations, and the binomial theorem; binomial and normal distributions; using the Ti-84 to perform simulations and find probabilities; displaying and analyzing data; and making predictions. The course will culminate in a project involving probability and statistics. Required materials: Ti-84 graphing calculator.
    Note: this course is open to Freshman who have completed Algebra I.
  • Personal Finance

    This course will give students the tools and resources needed to make wise financial decisions. Students will analyze their personal financial decisions, evaluate the costs and benefits of their choices, recognize their rights and responsibilities as consumers, and apply the knowledge learned to financial situations encountered later in life. The students will answer a variety of questions that arise in everyday financial dealings, both personal and business. Through various simulations, this course will focus on applications of the following concepts: understanding different types of interest (simple interest, discount interest, compound interest), annuities, investing in stocks and bonds, Gross Income, Net Pay, Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts, Cash Purchases and Earning Potential, Credit (Credit Cards and Loans), Transportation, Housing, Record Keeping, valuation of bonds, filing taxes, and return on investments. Students will learn the basics of various types of businesses and what it takes to start and be a part of a business.
  • Physics II: Aviation

    Prerequisites: Physics I
    In this intensive, the history and current state of general aviation will be explored and experienced. Students start by becoming versed in a variety of aspects related to general aviation aircraft, flight, and navigation. The format is based on similar curriculum used in private pilot ground school and is required to achieve an FAA private pilot license. Subjects will include the following: Aerodynamics Flight Instruments Powerplant Relevant Federal Aviation Regulations Aircraft Performance and Limitations Weather Theory FAA Charts, Navigation, and Flight Planning.

    In addition to the ground school, students will have hands-on access to general aviation aircraft. They will learn pre-flight and post-flight inspections, as well as learn taxi, take-off, and landing procedures by performing them in actual aircraft and/or flight simulators while under the guidance of a certified flight instructor (CFI). 

  • Show Choir

    The Show Choir intensive is designed for students to study and combine singing with synchronized movement. Students will rehearse chosen vocal selections to be sung and memorized while learning techniques involved in basic movement. The singing and the movement will initially be studied separately, and then combined to create a “show” modeled after performances that are given in show choir camps and competitions throughout the country. Students will spend class time observing show choirs in high schools and universities to analyze various aspects of performance. A performance by the students will be scheduled at the end of the intensive.
  • Tech Wars

    Recommended: Robotics, Physics I
    Tech Wars is a team-based competitive engineering Intensive where teams are given a ridiculously short time-frame, a tiny little budget and a pile of seemingly useless junk, and they have to accomplish a challenging engineering goal. It could be transporting 1000 pounds through an obstacle course on a human-powered unicycle, or finding a way to catapult a watermelon for maximum distance or pump 5 gallons of water out of a bucket in 20 seconds using an old blender or crack a nut with wind power. Whatever the challenge, teamwork, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills are crucial. Bring your imagination and be ready to put together some crazy contraptions.

    This Intensive will make use of hand tools and power tools. Students will be instructed in, and tested over, their safe use and will be expected to follow all safety regulations at all times.
  • Urban and Public Art

    In this course students will gain an introduction to the history of contemporary public art, become familiar with the current discourses surrounding public art, art intervention, and social critique of space, and have the opportunity to create a series of their own public responses dealing with site-specificity, pedestrian psychology, and the political of place. This course will be an opportunity for students to engage with techniques used by artists working in public space. Students will also learn how to analyze open space from social, architectural, and political perspectives. Lastly, students will execute a series of individual and group interventionist experiments in the conditions of the architectural place, the contours shaping pedestrian mental experience, and the possibilities of addressing political issues through interventionist, socially engaged public art.

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