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  • Marc Rayman '74

    Dr. Marc Rayman ’74 is still living his dream-come-true, exploring the cosmos from NASA/JPL. His most recent mission, Dawn, far exceeded all expectations and ended successfully with the spacecraft in orbit around dwarf planet Ceres. Because Ceres has all the ingredients for life, Dawn was not allowed to contact the ground, where the probe's terrestrial materials would contaminate that important astrobiological environment. The final orbit was calculated to be stable for centuries. Marc received numerous awards during the past year, including NASA's prestigious Outstanding Leadership Medal (his seventh NASA medal) and the esteemed Swigert Award, named for an Apollo 13 astronaut. (The photo shows Marc at the ceremony, and you can see the five-minute video, including his entertaining acceptance speech, starting at 34 minutes here.) After he had many wonderfully rewarding experiences designing, building, and flying interplanetary probes, JPL created a new position specifically for him in which he now has technical responsibility for all space missions. He devotes most of his time to helping missions that face especially challenging obstacles, including Voyager-2 (a mission he first heard of while a freshman at MV), Juno (currently in orbit around Jupiter), a mission preparing to go to Jupiter’s moon Europa (which has a subsurface ocean), and another preparing to travel to a 140-mile-wide asteroid made of metal. In his spare time, he is a popular dance teacher throughout Southern California, something neither he nor anyone who knew him at MV would ever have predicted!
  • Heller Shoop ‘84, Laura Kline ’83, and Elissa Cary ‘83

    Heller ’84 and Greta were visiting from the East Coast and met everyone for a mini-reunion lunch at Woodbridge Pub in Detroit, MII.
    Photo L-R: Greta Schaefer, Heller Shoop ‘84, Laura Kline ’83, and Elissa Cary ‘83
  • Dylan Bernstein ’92

    Dylan at the great pyramids at Giza, February 14, 2020
  • Erika McDaniel Cartledge ’01

    Erika and Roger welcomed James on September 16th, weighing 6lbs 6oz and 18.75 in.

    Finished my presentation at @caseadvance and was greeted by my 2nd biggest supporter (the first was behind the camera) 
  • Erika McDaniel Cartledge ’01 & Weezie Foater Stoddard '82

    While Weezie '82 was attending the CASE conference in Atlanta, GA this January she notice that the presenter was her former student Erika '01.
  • Anne Virtue ’04

    Anne and Rob welcomed Emmett James Wilson on February 14th, weighing 8lbs. 2oz and 21 3/4in.
  • Robin Norlén '06

    Robin and Linnea welcomed Leon Jonathan Norlén in Sweden on February 20th, weighing 3670 grams and 1cm.
  • Yui Yamaguchi ’10

    Yui and Tatshiro Kobayashi welcomed Aoi Kobayashi (Pronounced Ah-Oh-ee) in Japan on February 13th, weighing 8.5lbs and 20in.
  • Yui Yamaguchi ’10

    Yui married Tatshiro Kobayashi on July 18, 2017
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    Aya Khalil
    When people tell you that your stories don't matter and then you write and publish a book that is a #1 New Release (!!!). الحمد الله

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