9th Grade

What should students do in 9th Grade?
Students need to adjust to the rigor of high school: an increased amount of nightly homework, more frequent and longer assessments. Establishing excellent study skills during this time will serve students throughout high school. If a student is struggling, he or she should reach out to the support structure in the MVCDS community for help.
What is the best way for a 9th Grader to prepare for Standardized Tests?
Ninth graders should do their homework and assiduously prepare for tests and quizzes in their academic courses.

What should parents do when their child is in 9th Grade?
Parents need to start letting students make choices for themselves.

Parents should attend 9th Grade Parent Night in March.

Parents should read Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be by Frank Bruni.

Goals of 9th Grade
Students need to focus on developing relationships with teachers and getting involved in activities. Ninth graders need to recognize themselves as part of a community and find productive ways to contribute to it.

What to do during the summer following 9th Grade?
Volunteer! Students should look around their community and see where strong, young people are needed: parks, social services, hospitals, camps, museums . . . try them all.

Also, read plenty of good books.
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