May 2017 Class Notes

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  • Class of 1967, 50th Reunion NIFTY FIFTY!

    Twenty members of the Class of 1967 gathered for a 3-day fete of their 50th Reunion, on May 5-7, 2017, almost half of whom traveled considerable distances to attend.
    The planning started a year in advance, when classmate Monica MacAdams began bombarding everyone in the class with emails, while collaborating with MV’s alumni-liaison Weezie Foster Stoddard '82 and classmate Lynn Forni Bohnengel to organize the events.

    The celebration kicked-off with MV’s annual Smead Luncheon on Friday, May 5th, where classmate Gail Steketee was honored with the Alumni Achievement Award.  Dr. Steketee, the Dean and Professor at the Boston University School of Social Work, focused her fascinating remarks on her special area of expertise: “hoarding disorder,” inspiring many to resolve to run home and clean out their attics.

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  • Dr. Marc Rayman '74

    Dr. Marc Rayman '74 continues to enjoy his thrilling experiences as a top rocket scientist at NASA's JPL facility in Pasadena, Calif. He is still driven by passions that were already burning bright within him when he started at MV in the third grade. Marc's latest mission, Dawn, is the only spacecraft in history to orbit two destinations beyond Earth. Under his guidance, Dawn has conducted exceptionally successful explorations of dwarf planet Ceres (the first dwarf planet, which was discovered 129 years before its better-known sibling, Pluto) and protoplanet Vesta. Prior to Dawn, they were the largest uncharted alien worlds in the inner solar system, and Dawn has revealed them in rich detail. A key to exploring them was ion propulsion, which Marc first heard of in a Star Trek episode. He was instrumental in turning that science fiction into science fact. Dawn has now surpassed all of its original objectives after an interplanetary journey of more than nine years. (This mission has lasted almost as long as Marc was a student at Maumee Valley Country Day School, but living in Toledo and Sylvania, he didn't have to travel the 3.8 billion miles that his spacecraft has.)
    In 2016, Marc received the Robert J. Collier Trophy for the nation's greatest achievement in space or aviation. The ceremony in Washington was attended by some members of Congress, leaders of NASA, and many luminaries in space and aviation. The guest of honor, the Collier Trophy itself, doesn't get out much. It resides at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and leaves (under impressively strict guard) only one day a year for the ceremony. It was an imposing presence too, nearly eight feet tall and weighing 525 pounds. Previous recipients of the trophy, which was first awarded in 1911, include Orville Wright, Howard Hughes, Chuck Yeager, the crew of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and the Voyager mission team. 
    Later in 2016, NASA presented Marc with a medal for his "outstanding leadership" of this extraordinary extraterrestrial expedition.
    He was back in Washington in March to receive the Astronautics Engineer of the Year Award.
    As a lifelong space enthusiast, Marc is having a great time pretending to be an adult as he gets to do what he had always dreamed of!
  • Jessie Bohl ’98

    Jessie has started her own company this year “The Drew Box.” The company’s main offering is the Drew Box, a sturdy-looking container that’s stuffed with moisturizing oils, supplement pills, a sleep mask, lip balm, lotions, candles, and a number of simple yoga stretches that Ms. Bohl said can be done from a patient’s bed. Please click here for the full Toledo Blade Article.
    About half the items — including the lip balm, essential oils, and candle — are handmade by Ms. Bohl and her mother, Lisa Holman. The box sells for $99.95, though some items are available for individual purchase. There’s also a smaller version of the box that sells for $49.95. They can be ordered online at
  • Anita Tamirisa ’98

    Lukas Kiran Talanda was born November 15, 2016, 5lbs. 13oz. and 19" long. At 5 months, he enjoys his rice cereal, rolling, and doing baby push-ups. He can't wait to meet Ziam Sehgal and Charlie Fedderke. Ondrej and I couldn't be more happy - it's been a crazy ride so far!
  • Rishi Sehgal ’98

    Ziem Om Sehgal, Z was born on November 19, 2016 coming in at 7 lbs 9 oz. Brittany and Z are amazing. I am completely in love with both of them.
  • Michael Anspach ’04

    Michael just completed his second year of law school and was recently elected Editor-in-Chief of Marquette University Law Review's 101st Volume (2017-2018). His first year at Marquette Law, he founded the Organization for Student Wellbeing, which continues to provide the Marquette community with alternative, mindful methods for dealing with the stresses that lawyers and law students encounter on a daily basis. Michael will be working at Anspach Law in Toledo this summer, and in the fall he will begin working at the U.S. Attorney's office for the Eastern District of Wisconsin.
  • Heather Beck Parry ’05 and Stephen Parry ’07

    Arlo Patrick Parry was born on May 3rd at 10:31 PM, 5 lbs 2 oz. He was so eager to meet us he showed up a full month early.
  • Maude Kasperzak ’07

    Maude is currently working as the Creative Director of Charm City Cakes located in Baltimore, MD. After the work of Chef Duff Goldman and his team caught the eye of Food Network, Charm City Cakes became the subject of hit series Ace of Cakes. Maude began working there shortly after filming wrapped in 2012 and has been working along side Duff and his team ever since. Charm City Cakes opened their second Baltimore location in April 2017, located in the Harbor East area. The new shop boasts a small slice of the magic of the original Remington bakery where all the cakes are created, featuring baked goodies and official CCC merchandise. 
  • Alexandra Husted ’07

    Alexandra became engaged to Korin Hasegawa-John on Patriot's Day in Boston, MA. They will be relocating to Ann Arbor, MI this fall, where Alexandra will be starting the Masters in Public Policy program at the University of Michigan and Korin will be continuing his job as partner at Carlisle & Company. They will be married in Toledo in May 2018.
  • Alex Mandross ’08

    Alex became engaged to Glen Essakow during the April snowstorm in Boston, MA. They celebrated afterwards with friends and Greek food. The couple met at Emory University and recently moved from NYC to Boston with their puppy Hugo. They plan to wed in 2018.

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