Dear Maumee Valley Athletes,

As part of our Leadership Intensive in the Middle School, we teach E+R=O, which stands for Event+Response=Outcome. We recognized that we can’t always control the events that happen in our lives but we can control our response which has a direct impact on our outcomes. A positive response to any event gives you the best chance to have a positive outcome, and as we are currently working through uncharted waters, now more than ever, our response is critical to our outcome.

We are currently in a holding pattern with our Spring Sports Season. The OHSAA mandated a “No-Contact Period” that is set to expire May 1st. I am working with other Athletic Directors and the OHSAA to plan for different scenarios that could salvage our Spring Sports Seasons and will continue to update everyone with any new information that comes available.

I do recognize that the current OHSAA plan is the best-case scenario for us right now and we will hold out hope that we are able to resume or season as planned, but I also recognize the severity of what our world is facing right now and will make sure that we are doing our part through athletics.

“No-Contact” is defined by the OHSAA as “in-person contact”, and it is permitted for coaches to have electronic contact with our athletes. Individual Work out plans, skills challenges, or anything that does not involve “in-person” contact with coaches or teammates, is permitted. Captain practices or the team getting together in the same physical space would be a violation of OHSAA by-laws and put our school at risk for fine and penalty from the OHSAA, but more importantly, would negate the efforts our country has made to help fight this pandemic.

Interscholastic Athletics remains a vital part of the education our students are receiving despite our circumstances. Adjusting and adapting is vital, so I encourage our student-athletes to get creative and find ways to still be a team during this period of time, and to still work at their respective sports within the bounds of the rules and parameters or governing bodies have given us. That ability to adjust and adapt will be a positive response to an event that has been outside of our direct control, and a tool that will help our student-athletes as they move beyond Maumee Valley. I look forward to our community being able to come back together and celebrate our perseverance through this difficult time.

My cell is 419-283-1522 if you have any questions or concerns.

Rob Conover
Director of Athletics

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