ELC Remote Learning Plan

Teachers will continue moving forward with the curriculum using virtual platforms and online learning tools to deliver content. When making curricular decisions and interacting with students, they will keep the students’ social/emotional well-being as a top priority. They will connect frequently with students and parents, assess their needs, remain positive, and maintain flexibility in order to best meet the students’ needs during this time of transition.

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  • Classroom Communications

    Storypark will be the primary platform used in the Early Learning Center.

    • All course announcements, assignments, assessments, and learning resources (including recorded Zoom sessions) will be posted to Storypark.
    • Plans for the upcoming week will be posted to Storypark by Sunday at 5:00 pm.
    • Student assignments and assessments will be submitted electronically to Storypark (or Flip Grid).
  • ELC Framework (PDF)

    Starting Monday, April 6th, the Early Learning Center will move to a modified Remote Learning Framework in which:
    • Students will have at least 3 lessons daily (a combination of synchronous and asynchronous) which includes Social Emotional, Mathematics and Language Arts lessons.
    • The lessons will vary in length and best practice is not to fill the time in the framework.
    • Current recommendations from the Center for Research include no screen time for children under two years old. For children 2 to 5 years old, it is recommended to limit routine or regular screen time to less than 1 hour per day.
  • Weekly Schedules

    By Sunday at 5:00 pm, teachers will post their weekly plan to their Storypark class pages.

    The plan will include:
    • Schedule of live zoom meetings for the week including links to class Zoom meetings and an indication of synchronous and asynchronous lessons
    • Learning objectives
    • Materials students will need
    • Assignment/assessment descriptions, priorities & deadlines
  • Expectations: ELC Students

    • Parents are responsible for helping students attending scheduled classes.
    • Students will be dressed ready to go at 8:30 am each day
    • Families should designate a space in the house as their school area.
    • Families need to utilize Storypark and the platform utilized by their teachers to attend and participate in classes.
    • If students need assistance or help they need to contact their teachers.
    • Students are expected to submit assignments, complete assessments, and meet other deadlines by the assigned date.
    • It is important that students aspire to be contributing digital citizens and to remain positive when interacting with peers and teachers.
    • All behavior expectations/rules that apply in the classroom and school should be met while attending virtual classrooms. Click here for Zoom Etiquette Tips, by Dr. Shayna Cooke.

    Zoom Etiquette:
    • Sign in two minutes before the scheduled call begins to make sure your technology is working
    • Try to participate on the call in a quiet place free from distractions
    • Show up ready to learn (dressed appropriately, quiet voices, listening ears)
    • Stay on “mute” until you are invited into the conversation. Click on “raise hand” if you want to contribute
    • Keep your video “on”
    • Do not write in the chatbox unless asked by your teacher.
  • Expectations: ELC Teachers

    During their scheduled class session, ELC teachers will:
    • Check-in with students via a live Zoom meeting during at least 2 sessions each week.
    • Provide instruction to students either via synchronous sessions (e.g., Zoom meeting) or asynchronously (e.g., by sharing a video recording of the teacher presenting a lesson).
    • When possible, provide additional supplemental learning resources (e.g., online resources such as Raz Kids, iReady, educational YouTube videos, etc.). Note: these resources should not replace the instruction provided by the teacher.
    • Provide clear directions on the work that is to be completed and assignment deadlines.
    • Build-in time for students to collaborate virtually with peers, when possible (e.g. Storypark or Flip Grid).
    • Record Zoom meetings and post on Storypark.
  • ELC Parent Tips

    Parents can help their children be successful remote learners by helping support them in the following ways:
    • Maumee Valley is here to support our families as we navigate this journey together.
    • Make sure your child has a quiet and organized work space at home.
    • Check in frequently with your child to ensure they are staying on task and attending class sessions and scheduled meetings.
    • Please check Storypark every Sunday (and throughout the week) for weekly plans, class learning objectives, assignments, Zoom links, and other course updates.
    • Reach out to your child’s teachers if your child is struggling to keep up with the course content, and encourage your child to seek additional support by connecting with teachers during their virtual office hours.
    • Email your child’s teachers to inform them if your child is unable to attend class sessions due to illness or other reason.
    • Reach out to our student support team members should your child need additional support coping with the transition to online learning and/or the current global crisis.
    • Encourage your child to maintain healthy sleep and eating habits and to exercise daily.
    • Encourage your child to maintain their social networks by using virtual platforms to stay connected with friends.
  • Student Progress Reporting

    • Teachers will communicate student learning and progress weekly through email, calls, or Zoom.
    • Teachers will communicate directly with parents of any struggling students ASAP.
    • Teachers will respond to parent emails or calls within one business day.
  • Student Support

    If you are noticing any concerns or have any questions about your child's learning or social/emotional growth, please contact his/her homeroom teacher. They will contact the student support team to share your concerns and make a plan. Below are their schedules so that you are aware of times they will be available if a meeting or phone call needs to take place.

    Rachel Spiegel, School Counselor:

    • Social/emotional support for students via parent consultation
    • Supporting teachers/staff as they work with students.
    • Available by phone or text 
    Crisis/Mental Health Resources:
    • The division resource boards have COVID-19 resources for families
    • Office Hours: 11:00am - 2:00pm, 3-4 pm M, T, W, F
    • Email (rspiegel@mvcds.org) or text 419-320-2509 to schedule a meeting
    Sara Dowling, School Psychologist:
    • Continue weekly student support department meetings to discuss additional ways to support our students and compile resources for students, faculty, and parents on supporting students in a remote learning environment.
    • Available for teachers and parents who have questions or need suggestions on how to support a student through one on one conversations or through scheduled student support meetings
    • Available by phone or text at 419-351-8221; via Zoom or email sdowling@mvcds.org.
    Sara Dowling Office Hours (scheduled via email or text):
    • Mondays 12:00 - 3:00 pm and 4:00 - 5:00 pm
    • Select Tuesdays (4/14, 4/28, 5/12, 5/26, 6/2) 12:00 - 5:00 pm
    • Wednesdays 12:00 - 5:00 pm
    • Thursdays 12:00 - 5:00 pm
    Sherrie Watkins, School Nurse:
    • Available to teachers, parents, and students to provide support and consultation services
    • Provide additional social/emotional support as needed
    • Provide resources to teachers, parents, and students
    Sherrie Watkins Office Hours (scheduled via email or text):
    • M-TH, 12:00 - 4:00 pm
    • Available by phone at 419-297-1040; via Zoom or email swatkins@mvcds.org
    Jill Augustyniak, Student Support Specialist:
    Jill will continue to provide services for students she worked with before spring break. She will reach out directly via phone call or email to these families to schedule work times.

    Madeline Nixon, Student Support Specialist:
    Madeline will continue to provide services for students she worked with before spring break. She will reach out directly to these families to schedule work times.

    Erin Ohls, Intervention Specialist:
    Erin will continue to provide services for students she worked with before spring break. She will reach out directly to these families to schedule work times.
  • Technology Support

    • The MyMV Resource Boards will be used to provide helpful tips and information on using technology tools such as Zoom and Google Classroom. 
    • Students and teachers in need of technology or additional technology support should reach out to the Help Desk at helpdesk@mvcds.org. Many companies are offering free internet service during this period of school closure.  The school has a limited number of devices available.
    • Students and teachers in need of additional technical support should reach out to the Help Desk, helpdesk@mvcds.org.

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