Technology Support

Technology Support

During this time, we have collected the following links and how-to guides to help assist with the software and technology for each division of the school. 

Students and parents in need of additional technical support such as login problems, damaged Chromebooks or chargers, access to MV accounts, and other class-related software issues should reach out to the Help Desk at

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  • MyMV

    MyMV Access
    Use the MyMV button at the upper right corner of the webpage to login. Please bookmark this page.

    MyMV Password Issues or Logging In For The First Time
    If you have never logged into MyMV you should have an email from the admissions office with your login info. If not, please call the school at 4193811313 or email

    If you have forgotten your password or user name you can reset it yourself by clicking “forgot password” on the login box. An email will be sent to the personal email you used when applying to MVCDS. If you mistype and get locked out you can wait 20 minutes to reset OR email and we will reset the password to a generic one that we will send to you in an email.

    MyMV Navigation and Checking Student Assignments/Grades
    But first, communication. Most teachers prefer to communicate through their school Gmail instead of MyMV “messages” feature. FOr fastest response please use their gmail that can be found in the directory in MyMV or in the class, usually on the course Bulletin board.

    How to navigate MyMV to check student progress and see course content: Watch me---> LINK to a short video tutorial
  • Zoom

    Your Student and Zoom - They will follow the teacher’s link instructions to join.
    First, restart your computer! We have seen camera issues on Macs. A restart fixes this 90% of the time. Close extra tabs, games, Spotify, Dropbox etc. All these programs take up bandwidth during a Zoom session.

    You will find that teachers will want to Zoom several times a week. Teachers may email a link or have a set time at the same time to follow a link in their course. MOST will create an ungraded assignment with the link so you can see it on your assignment calendar. Check with the teacher or your student to see how they are Zoom-ing if it seems they are missing meeting times. Zoom interaction will be how attendance is recorded.
  • MVCDS Owned Devices

    At the beginning of the year you signed a user agreement for devices supplied to your student, This agreement still applies. Posed below is the agreement
    User agreement ---> LINK

    If your child has a school-supplied device please take extra care with it as it is your child’s lifeline to their teachers and their lessons.

    For MV provided device issues (Chromebooks) please email

    For BYOD issues you can email the helpdesk but MVCDS will not do repairs. We may be able to walk a student through fixes. There are no loaner machines available at the school.
  • Google Classroom

    Google Classroom is a digital classroom space that is integrated with Google Suite Tools. This is similar to MyMV in that teachers can post announcements, assignments, materials, and other great classroom resources! 

    Accessing Google Classroom
    Access Classroom by going to and selecting “Go to Classroom”. Log in with your full MVCDS email (including and password. After you log in, all the classes you have joined will appear on the main page! 

    Troubleshooting Classroom
    Google has a great resource board to help navigate the Classroom and all its features.
  • Story Park

    Storypark is how MV shows you what your child is learning throughout their day in the ELC. Vist Storypark's help page for more information.

    Watch a comprehensive video tour of Storypark for a step-by-step tutorial.
  • FlipGrid

    FlipGrid is a great tool where teachers and students can post short videos to present a project, discuss a topic, or just have a chance to see each other! 

    FlipGrid has a fantastic Getting Started Guide for Students to check out how to use FlipGrid and it’s tools.
  • Wifi Connectivity Tips

    Quit Extra Programs

    Close unused tabs, games, Spotify, Dropbox, Apple Music etc. All these running programs take up bandwidth.

    Switch Ch

    Most homes have two bands of WiFi 5 and 2.5 GHz. It will show as two channels in your wifi list.

    5GHz may be a bit faster but 2.5GHz passes through walls and stuff better. With that in mind, if you are far from your access point, try 2.5 or put all your phones on 2.5 or just try distributing the load in the house

    Plug In

    One way to test if it's Wifi VS your home's bandwidth is to hook your computer via a data cable directly to your router - just like hardwiring at work. Your router is where the provider’s cable comes in. Most of these devices have data ports on them (see pic below). You can buy cheap CAT/5 data cables on Amazon. Most PCs will be easy to hookup, you just need the cable. Newer Macbook Airs will need an adapter. Also available on Amazon.

    Distribute The Workload

    Many of us have kids at home on Zoom at the same time or spouses using connections for their jobs. We need to reduce the overlap somehow in these cases. Families may need to schedule usage around each other if wifi issues persist. 

    Restart Your Router and/or Computer

    • Computers deserve to be shut down and restarted daily. It clears running background processes. 
    • Quit and disable DropBox, Spotify, Skype if you are not using them, they run in the background constantly using up the signal.


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