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Social Studies

An MVCDS graduate will be able to draw on foundational knowledge in history, geography, economics, civics, and culture to make global connections to understand current issues and their historical underpinnings. They will ask questions, problem­ solve, and engage in civil discourse for the ethical stewardship of our democracy and our world. In their exploration, students will fluidly and analytically employ diverse sources, conveying their conclusions in a variety of ways.
  • Social Studies 7

    In seventh grade, students explore and celebrate the cultural mosaic of our world–past, present, and future. They examine global connectedness and discover what it means to be a global citizen. Students examine human rights and daily applications. Throughout the year, students will read a variety of texts, engage in meaningful discussion and work both individually and collaboratively to create multimedia projects. Sample units of study include cultural elements, the water crisis, and freedom of movement. Sample projects include “Culture of Me” presentations, two-voice poetry performances, and research-based immigration stories.
  • Social Studies 8

    Eighth-grade students embark on an epic journey through the past and present with an eye toward the future as they explore the history of the United States and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. Sample units of study are the system of checks and balances and the Bill of Rights found in the US Constitution, the Industrial Revolution and its impact upon American history and social reform movements. Sample projects and assessments include a congressional budget battle simulation, the historical and modern-day interpretation of the 2nd Amendment and understanding the historical and modern relevance of the Gettysburg Address.  Finally, students work on a variety of skills such as identifying credible sources of information for research, crafting and supporting thesis statements and communicating collaboratively with peers to create meaningful presentations.
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