Community Spotlight

Sixth Grade Journalist

Jaden Jefferson
If you’ve been watching the news lately, you probably already know that Maumee Valley sixth-grader Jaden Jefferson is making waves in the reporting industry. Only starting in journalism last year, Jaden has propelled himself onto the national stage through his social media presence and interviews with well-known political candidates and celebrity superstars.
After getting national attention for his candid interview with Elizabeth Warren when she was in Toledo on a presidential campaign stop, Jaden’s phone started ringing and hasn’t stopped.  

With multiple appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, personal interviews with Brad Pitt and Oprah Winfrey, and earned interviews on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, to name a few, Jaden is looking forward to what’s next. 

“With all of these opportunities offering something unique, I am finding it hard to juggle them all. It is very exciting,” explained Jaden.

As Jaden sorts through his many opportunities, he’s also trying to stay focused. “I just keep doing the things that I’ve been doing. [I’m] keeping my priorities straight, putting school first, and putting reporting second.” 

Although, when Jaden is focusing on his reporting, he has plenty of support. His grandmother is there for him whenever needed to drive him to possible story coverage around town, scheduled or unexpected. “Well, I can’t drive, so she takes me everywhere,” explains Jaden. “She’s great.”

Looking back over how his fame started, Jaden thinks his love of writing was what began his career moving in the right direction. 

“I just love writing. When I was little, I would write movies,” he said.

It’s Jaden’s love of writing that translated into his passion for reporting. As he started composing more stories, Jaden also started teaching himself how to use video equipment. He felt like it came easy to him, so he started doing interviews. 

Jaden talks about the future with big goals in mind, saying, “My goals are eventually to work in local news and on the national stage. I have goals, and I can achieve them.”

There’s no doubt that with the talent he possesses and the trajectory that he’s already on, Jaden will achieve his goals. As he continues to report on the upcoming 2020 election, Jaden thinks social media will play a critical role in the outcome. He looks forward to making his mark throughout the election process and in his other endeavors. 

Jaden explains that when in front of the camera, “I just roll with questions. I predict what [the questions] will be, and I don’t get nervous. It surprises me the most when people think that it is a unique thing that I am [being interviewed] and reporting at my age.” 

Having known Jaden since his arrival in fourth grade, the Maumee Valley community isn’t surprised by his initiative and success. With the support of his family and teachers and his passion for journalism, we expect exciting opportunities to continue for Jaden through his educational journey.
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