Power of the Pen District Tournament

Saturday, January 14th, 23 schools and over 240 students competed in this year's Power of the Pen District Tournament at Timberstone Junior High School. Maumee Valley students did a great job. Congratulations!!

The Results:
7th Grade Individual Awards:
Warm-Up Challenge: Mia Westfere
14th place overall: Grace Lee
2nd place overall: Mia Westfere
8th Grade Individual Award:
2nd place overall: Eleanor Byers
8th Grade Team Award:
3rd place overall: Maumee Valley Country Day School
Team Members:
7th Grade Team:
Grace Lee
Cimran Naik
Mia Westfere
Loren Willhight
8th Grade Team:
Eleanor Byers
Yusuf Daboul
Lila Foster
Shoshi Lavetter-Keidan
Sophie Schocket
Kenan Zaidat

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