MVCDS Musicians Do Well at OMEA Contest

MVCDS musicians had an exceptional day at OMEA Solo and Ensemble Contest Saturday, Jan 28, 2017. Entered in 19 separate events, students came home with 15 top ratings of Superior(I) and 4 ratings of Excellent(II).
Superior ratings for solo playing were awarded to:
Lucy A. ‘20 - Violin Solo
Jonathan B. ‘20 - Violin Solo
Julia X. ‘19 - Violin Solo
Joel H. ‘19 - Viola Solo
Loa C. ‘20 - Cello Solo
Michelle L. ‘19 - Cello Solo
Oliver H, ‘18 - Piano Solo
Poom P. ‘17 - Piano Solo

Excellent ratings for solo playing were awarded to:
Shreyas B. ‘19 - Violin Solo
Nipun J. ‘19 - Violin Solo
Duncan J. ‘20 - Viola Solo
Oliver H. ‘18 - Cello Solo

Superior ratings for ensemble performance went to:
Jonathan B. and Loa C. - Violin Cello Duet
Joel H., Charlotte D. ‘20, and Melisa S. ‘19 - Viola Trio
Poom P., Julia X., and Loa C. - Piano Trio
Jonathan B., Emma D. ‘18, Patrick M. ‘19, and Michelle L. - String Quartet
Julia X., Shreyas B., Lang L. ‘18, and Loa C. - String Quartet
Emma D., Lucy A., Duncan J., Oliver H., and Paradon P. ‘20 - String Quintet
Julia X., Shreyas B., Jonathan B., Daniel C. ‘18, Samina H. ‘17, Lucy A., Annie W. ‘20, Lang L., Patrick M., Joel H., Melissa S. ‘19, Duncan J., Charlotte D., Seth G. ‘20, Loa C., Michelle L., Oliver H., Poom P. and Paradon P. - String Choir

These ratings were awarded by six different judges on six separate stages. Many of these performances went far beyond any kind of rating. They ranged from beautiful to exciting to mesmerizing, to jaw dropping. We are so proud of our musicians!

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