Bowtie Guys Concert - May 10th

The Bowtie Boys at Maumee Valley Country Day School invite you to a special performance on Wednesday, May 10th at 7:00pm in the Millennium Theater. The Bowtie Guys, made up of students Evan Heritage ’19, Alex Evans ’18, Daniel Cagle ’18, and Shreyas Banerjee ’19, will perform over 15 songs during the concert. The quartet will be accepting donations for admittance and the concert is open to the public.
The Bow Tie Guys have been together for awhile, but have only performed in school-arranged concerts. This year, they decided to step things up. Instead of performing 2-3 songs at a performance with other groups, they have chosen to put on a solo concert, where they will perform over 15 songs, some of which have never been heard before! They know this concert will be more difficult than anything they have attempted before, but the challenge excites them.

The inspiration for the formation of the group started when Daniel Cagle went to a Ten40 (BGSU’s Men’s Acapella Group) concert the summer before his freshman year. He was blown away by the music and the group dynamic he experienced at that concert. A few quick emails to his music teacher, Mr. Charles Brown, as well as to a few friends, and the idea blossomed into a group. The group began meeting at the beginning of that year, with much success. The name Bow Tie Guys was proposed in their first semester together by their youngest member, Shreyas Banerjee. It was adopted immediately and has stuck ever since.

After a remarkably successful first semester and concert, the group hit some bumps. Near the beginning of their second semester, the Baritone of the group left. It was a hard hit, and the group wondered if they would have to disband. Music teacher, Mr. Brown suggested bringing in a new member from his eighth grade chorus, Evan Heritage. Evan proved to be a highly motivated member, and a fantastic performer. With this change in the roster happening so late in the second semester, fear of not pulling their second concert together was high. Yet Evan managed to learn all of his parts within the 3 weeks leading up to the concert. Their second concert was another huge success.

After an eventful first year together, the Bow Tie Guys kept going strong through the 2015-2016 school year. In the second semester, the group felt they needed a new challenge. After some searching, they discovered Michael Barlos, a former member and president of Ten40, who was arranging music for several different groups. Beginning that semester, Bow Tie Guys have been working with Mr. Barlos to produce higher quality songs, and expanding their personal repertoires. Alex Evans arranged a song for the group also, and will continue to do so in the future. Each new song performed increased the group’s morale, skill, and drive for improvement. Now nearly finished with their third year of activity, the Bow Tie Guys have stuck together through thick and thin, and are enjoying the kind of success that comes with hard work and creativity.

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