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Phoebe Schocket '24 published by Newsweek

Op-ed "For Us in the Post-9/11 Generation, Criticizing America Is Our Patriotism," published online by Newsweek.
Phoebe Schocket '24 recently had her guest editorial published in Newsweek. 
With editing assistance during Dan Cohen's Propaganda Studies intensive, Schocket wrote about her experience growing up in America after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, and the subsequent 20-year war. 

The piece was published on the eve of the 20-year anniversary of the attacks. 
Newsweek is a weekly global news magazine that brings high-quality journalism to readers all over the world, both online and in print.  
Here is an excerpt:
In portraying America as exceptional, our elders left us to wrestle with the fact that the U.S. just wasn't as good as we were told it was. And rather than papering over the problems, we are finding our voices and criticizing what we see. Because for us, the lesson of 9/11 is that loving something means criticizing it, and demanding that it live up to its potential.

That's why you will find us screaming our outrage where so much of our energies are spent — on social media; it's not from a lack of gratitude for the greatness of this country, but out of a belief in what it can one day be, how great it can become, if we are honest about what we need to do to get there.

Because here's the thing people don't understand: My generation loves the United States. Even many of us who are the most critical do — just as older generations loved us enough to believe we could grow and learn and improve to become better than we were before. That's the way you love your family; and that's the way we love our country. We just aren't afraid to let the whole country — even the whole world — know when it needs to do better.

Here is how many of my peers see things: America truly is an exceptional place. But it's not exceptional enough. And it's our love of our country that makes us push for more.
Read the entire piece here
Great job, Phoebe!
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