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From MV to Hollywood and back again, Zuri Hall helps unveil our strategic plan

Trails to Transformation: Who We Are and Where We Are Going
Zuri Hall '06 has been on Access Hollywood, the hit primetime show American Ninja Warrior, and hosted the 70th Miss USA pageant last month. 

She recently sat down with Head of School Lynn Casto to discuss Maumee Valley's first strategic plan in several years. View the plan here

Hall interviewed Casto about our strategic direction, which many of you should have received in the mail.  The COVID-19 pandemic will, unfortunately, prevent us from gathering for a formal event at this time. 

"We are thrilled to be able to have a clear direction for the next three to five years. This has been a clarifying and a refining process for us," Casto said. "The strategic plan will map all of our work from the board all the way down to what the students experience in the classroom. The theme is trailblazing and we're thinking about what really makes Maumee Valley unique, what makes us special and how do we prepare our youngest kids for this uncertain future."

Head of School Lynn Casto and Zuri Hall '06.

Click here to watch the interview and hear more about the plan. 

We do plan to host smaller breakout sessions in person throughout February and early March in 2022 to provide more insights into our strategic direction. You can expect more information in January regarding these events. A virtual event for alumni also is expected sometime in February. 

"This is brand new for Maumee Valley and we're really excited about it. The question that prompted this was, 'what would happen if Maumee Valley was no longer in the world,'" Casto said. "More than anything, Maumee Valley encourages individuals to be themselves. So our new guiding principle is that we create an environment of freedom and responsibility to think, to speak, to explore, to choose, to connect, and to ultimately be you."

Why did Hall at age 12 convince her grandfather to take her to the scholarship days at Maumee Valley?

"I wanted the best for myself. It is honestly one of the best decisions I've made in my life because it changed the trajectory of my career," she said. "The students, the teachers that poured into me — the way that I was able to foster my performing arts skills and acting and writing — being able to write competitively. The power of the pen is something I learned at Maumee Valley. Those things have helped carry me through my career."

We hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season. 
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