Maumee Valley is more than a schoolhouse and more than a group of people-- it is a community of learners, a way of life; it is the way we engage with the world. A Maumee Valley education is a personal journey of discovery and of action. Through carefully crafted experiences as well as serendipitous explorations, a Maumee Valley education launches each child toward discovery of the world and their place in it.

A Maumee Valley Education is Personal

At Maumee Valley we recognize that each student has the potential to learn and that each student learns differently. Faculty know how to tailor assignments to support, to inspire and to challenge all students to learn and grow at their individual rates and to their capacities. While a Maumee Valley education provides students with a foundation of core skills and knowledge, MVCDS encourages and supports the development of each student’s unique sets of talents and interests.

A Maumee Valley Education is Experiential

At Maumee Valley we affirm that students learn best by doing. When students actively experience tangible and real events, they learn to ask questions, to explore, to take risks, and to pull deep learning from their experiences. Our faculty curates experiences that lead all students to acquire the core skills and knowledge that serve as the foundation of a MVCDS education, while also inspire students to carve their own paths. MVCDS teachers guide students to learn independently, from one another, from local experts and mentors, and from students, experts, and scholars around the world.

A Maumee Valley Education is Global

The Maumee Valley campus is the hub from which students move out into the community to work and learn. Rooted in early explorations of the rich natural environment of our 75 acre campus, students eventually move out to explore the world through virtual and real travel to the far reaches of the globe. To become contributing global citizens, students are asked in all divisions of the school to study big issues, understand the larger contexts and ramifications of the problem, and to strive to solve creatively and collaboratively the challenges they find.

Maumee Valley is a Community of Learners

At Maumee Valley every adult in the school assumes the role of mentor and nurturer; everyone pays attention to student needs and contributes to the vision and the school’s mission. Employee individuality is respected and everyone works collaboratively with colleagues and parents to achieve the school vision.

Everyone at Maumee Valley Country Day School is a learner and everyone is a teacher. Students, teachers, staff, and administrators value feedback and constructive suggestions and are always respectful of other’s ideas and points of view. Students regularly teach us about what they need, and about those things they are passionate about. Adults model learning by their commitment to their students and also by sharing their interests, skills, and passions.

Maumee Valley has a storied 130+ year history. Over the generations we’ve honored what is central to our mission by adapting to the demands of the times-- from the move to Toledo from upstate New York in 1884, to joining the country day school movement in 1934, to the admission of boys, to the open classrooms of the Lower School, to the creation of a Middle School, to the development of Winterim, and many other innovations, MVCDS has not shied away from difficult challenges or bold moves.

This is an exciting period of great innovation and change in the world of education. It is our time and our responsibility to revitalize and reinterpret our schools’ mission in light of the changing landscape around us. By focusing on Personal, Experiential, and Global education we will both honor our school’s great traditions and ensure its relevance and prosperity in the future.

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Maumee Valley Country Day School is the only Preschool - 12th grade accredited, co-educational, independent school in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.