MV2020 Program Support

MV2020 supports Maumee Valley students as they embark on an educational journey described by three core qualities: personal, experiential, and global.   Faculty and staff continue to nurture students curiosity. Implementing a new class schedule has given the gift of time for students.  With the new schedule, the school day supports our renewed emphasis on experiential education and gives us the flexibility to begin to personalize education to meet the diverse needs and interests of our students. To help us in this endeavor we seek to create flexible classroom spaces designed to support collaboration, discussions, creativity, and individual work. These spaces are found throughout our campus:

MakerSpace - Maumee Valley believes that deep learning entails active, hands-on activities. The school's vision for curriculum unites mathematics, physics, design, psychology, materials science, and other disciplines in a rich framework. The MakerSpace provides a place where students come to tinker, build, and make prototypes. The MakerSpace will be equipped with such things as: 3D Printers, makerbot, laser cutter, power tools, arduinos, and makey makeys. It will also serve as home to the school’s award winning robotics team.

Cost - $25,000 ($10,000 partially funded)

Musical Arts Space - For the last twenty years, the Maumee Valley strings program has been recognized as the best in the Toledo area. Students who participate in MVCDS strings are actively engaged in collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity at the same time they are learning the value of practice and perseverance. A newly renovated space will provide a place for the the more than 50 students to practice and hone their craft.

Cost - $25,000 Funded

Piano Lab - As a part of developing a personalized, experiential, and global curriculum, MVCDS seeks to create a piano/keyboarding lab. MVCDS students are creative and many show an interest in writing their own music and lyrics. A piano lab will allow the school’s fine arts faculty to expand and diversify their course offerings.

Cost - $25,000

Environmental Science/Biology - With the creation of the new schedule, faculty members will now have the time to leverage and integrate the school’s natural campus ecology with their classes. The Science faculty would like to study water quality, animal habitats, native species of plant conservation efforts, as well as conduct research on the restoration of the wetland area. To engage in these efforts, the faculty needs supplies, materials, and instruments (GPS devices, for example) to support this integration effort. Topics covered could include: ornithology, vernal pools, plants (invasive species vs. native species), and animal habitat and its impact on the ecology.

Cost - $15,000 Funded

Campus Nature Trail - Leveraging the school’s natural resources, the school would like to build a nature trail that could be used as a cross-country running trail, a means to access outdoor science labs, or simply as a way for students to safely stroll through the woods of Maumee Valley. This trail would maximize our students’ exposure to the rich biodiversity located on our 75 acre campus.

Cost - $10,000 (partially funded -$5,000)

Classroom Furnishings - Outfitting the classrooms with new configurable tables and chairs will allow faculty great flexibility in creating a learning environment that is reflective of a personalized and experiential education. There are twelve classrooms that we would like to upgrade. Each classroom upgrade is $7500.

Total Classroom cost: $90,000 (six classrooms funded-$45,000)

Art Studio Furnishings - The US Art studio needs new tables, benches, and stools to create workstations for sculpture, glass works and jewelry making in the back area. Currently, the tables are covered with thick paint and are not stable enough to attach vises and bench hooks. The fine arts faculty feel the space is not successfully used by the students due to the quality of the current tables

Cost - $16,000

Campus Master Plan - A campus master plan ensures that all future renovations and building projects fit into an overall design scheme and make the most aesthetic and functional use of our limited land resources. It has been over twenty years since the last campus master plan.

Cost - $35,000

Total Raised for MV2020 Projects $107,500 


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