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International Applicants

A home away from home

At Maumee Valley, we believe in the power of diversity and global perspectives. Your presence will add a unique dimension to our international community of 40 students (28 living on campus in Dayal House and 12 with host families) and we look forward to learning and growing together. Our dedicated teams at Dayal House and the Office of Admission are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for you, providing support every step of the way. Throughout your time at Maumee Valley, you will have access to:

  • Academic excellence: Our rigorous curriculum, taught by experienced and passionate educators, is designed to challenge and inspire you to reach your full academic potential.
  • Supportive community: Join a community of like-minded individuals who value collaboration, respect, and cultural exchange. Our inclusive environment encourages the development of lifelong friendships.
  • Extracurricular opportunities: Explore a wide range of extracurricular activities that complement your academic pursuits, allowing you to discover and cultivate your talents and interests.
  • State-of-the-art facilities: Immerse yourself in a learning environment equipped with cutting-edge technology, modern classrooms, and resources that enhance your educational experience.
  • Global perspectives: Engage in a curriculum that emphasizes global awareness and cross-cultural understanding, preparing you for success in an interconnected world.

We understand that transitioning to a new educational environment may come with questions, and we are here to assist you. Feel free to reach out to our admission team at or 419-381-1313 for any assistance or information you may need. We are confident that your time here will be marked by academic achievements, personal growth, and memorable experiences. We look forward to supporting you on this exciting educational journey.

International admission process

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Submit a copy of your child’s passport
  3. Submit school records request and two teacher recommendations to your child’s current school.
  4. Submit the most recent TOEFL, TOEFL Jr, Duolingo, or SSAT test score.
  5. Schedule a virtual interview with your admission director.
  6. If accepted, submit a copy of your bank statement for issuance of an I-20.

Residential options

About a dozen MV students live with other families each year as part of our Host Family Program. International students must first live two years on campus in the Dayal House to be eligible to live off campus.

Joining our host family program at our private K-12 school opens up a world of enriching experiences and benefits for both the international students and the host families involved. One of the primary advantages is the cultural exchange that takes place, fostering a global perspective within the school community. International students bring diverse traditions, customs, and perspectives, creating an environment where students learn not only from textbooks but also from the real-life experiences of their peers. This exposure helps to promote tolerance, understanding, and open-mindedness, essential qualities in our interconnected world.

The program offers a unique opportunity for personal growth and development for both the hosts and the students. Host families become ambassadors of goodwill, providing a supportive and nurturing home away from home. The sense of belonging and care offered contributes significantly to the well-being of international students, helping them adapt to a new culture and educational system. For hosts, the experience of welcoming a student into their home encourages empathy, cross-cultural communication skills, and the building of lifelong connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds. The program thus creates a microcosm of the global community within the school, enhancing the educational journey for everyone involved.

For more information about the program, contact Colleen Browning-Nyaosi, international program manager, at or 419-381-1313 ext. 157

Maumee Valley’s boarding program is housed in Dayal House. The residence hall, opened in 2013, was designed to create a family-like atmosphere. From the spacious commons to the well-equipped main kitchen, the Dayal House feels like a home. The student life staff includes four adults who forge close relationships with students and guide them in building friendships and developing important social and leadership skills.

Located across the Anning Lawn from the Upper School, the Dayal House is the place on campus where boarding, international, and day students meet after school to work on projects, get tutoring help with homework/papers, or just hang out.

students walking on sidewalk in maumee valley campus

A trained and dedicated staff

The experienced and well-trained staff provides guidance and mentorship while meeting the needs of students in the residential community. With a 7:1 student-staff ratio, staff members know the students extremely well. The staff does an incredible job of fostering a culture of trust, respect, openness, and personal responsibility. Other services provided are:

  • Integrating the residential students into the larger Maumee Valley student body.
  • Maintaining a safe, clean, and positive residential community.
  • Monitoring and promoting balance, wellness, and health of residential students.
  • Providing a dynamic and enriching co-curricular experience.
  • Supporting the individual needs and issues of students.

Benefits of living at Dayal House

  • 7:1 student-to-staff ratio
  • Convenient location just steps from the school building and athletic facilities
  • Beautiful modern design with a comfortable, home-like feel
  • Planned programming that includes trips to local cities and attractions
  • Campus-wide WiFi accessibility
  • Two full kitchens and a spacious commons
  • Academic support nightly
  • Amenities include free laundry, flat-screen TV, and study spaces
  • Single and double rooms to accommodate up to 28 students
  • All-inclusive tuition

students playing catch in front of school

Dayal House average weekly schedule

8 a.m Classes in the Upper School
3 p.m Classes end; students check in at Dayal House
3:15 p.m Free time for clubs, activities, and athletics
6 p.m Dinner is served family style
7 p.m Family meeting in the commons to communicate important information
8 p.m Study hours, academic support, running errands
10 p.m Quiet time
11 p.m Lights out
8 a.m Self-serve breakfast
11:30 a.m Lunch
5 p.m Dinner in Dayal House or a night out
11 p.m Curfew and quiet time
12 a.m. Lights out

(Weekend outing times vary and are posted on the communication wall.)