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Mission, Vision, & Strategic Plan

maumee valley mission statement

Our approach to educational leadership

As Maumee Valley Country Day School approaches its 140th anniversary in Toledo, it remains the preeminent educational institution in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. We are beholden to an innovative spirit and tradition of excellence and proud of our reputation for trailblazing. That pioneering spirit is demonstrated in many ways, from who we hire and how they teach to the students and families we select. It’s also present in the stories of our alumni and of their impact in their professions and communities.

We remain undeterred in this collective commitment: to educate and inspire tomorrow’s leaders by cultivating creativity and encouraging exploration.

Guiding us along the way are our Mission, Guiding Principle, Vision, and Strategic Plan.

Our Mission

Maumee Valley Country Day School cultivates an inclusive community of intellectual excellence where learners creatively explore their passions and boldly inspire positive change in the world.

Our mission statement is not just a superficial piece of messaging; it plays a crucial role in defining our identity, guiding our actions, and shaping our future. It serves as a foundational statement that helps ensure we remain focused, purpose-driven, and successful. It also signals our role and place in the broader community, communicating to communities and organizations across the region what we stand for and what sets us apart.

student with teacher with phone in hand

Guiding Principle:

We create an environment of freedom and responsibility to Think, Speak, Explore, Choose, Connect, and Be You.

Our Guiding Principle is a fundamental belief that influences our behavior and decision-making. It is a moral and ethical compass that ensures decisions and actions are aligned with deeply-held values.  Our Principle contributes to consistency, accountability, and long-term success, and it helps to guide personal development and foster positive relationships and cultures.


Personal. Experiential. Global.

Maumee Valley is more than buildings or groups of people. We are a community of learners and a way of life. Our educational philosophy defines how students engage with the world. That engagement is most successful when it is personal, experiential, and global. Through carefully crafted experiences and serendipitous explorations, a Maumee Valley education launches each student toward greater discovery of the world and their place in it.


We recognize that each student has the potential to learn and that each student learns differently. Our faculty know how to create and deliver content to support, inspire, and challenge all students to learn and grow at their individual rates and capacities. While a Maumee Valley education provides a foundation of core skills and knowledge, it also encourages and supports the development of a student’s unique talents and interests. We guide each student through a personal journey, carefully constructed in partnership with faculty. Students come to know their passions and strengths and to respect and value those qualities in others.


We recognize that students learn best by doing. As students experience events firsthand, they learn to ask questions, explore, take risks, and pull deep learning from those moments. Our faculty curate experiences that lead students to acquire the core skills and knowledge that serve as the foundation of a Maumee Valley education. Our faculty guide students to learn independently, from one another, from local experts and mentors, and scholars around the world.

Maumee Valley’s commitment to experiential learning is evident in our school’s rich history. The 75-acre wooded campus promotes nature as part of the curriculum. From the open classrooms of the Lower School to Intensives in the Middle School and Upper School, Maumee Valley’s long-standing commitment to experiential education helps to differentiate us from other independent and public schools.


We recognize that global fluency, whether measured by a second or third language learned or awareness of many customs and cultures, is a requirement for greater self awareness and success. Our campus is the hub from which students move out into the community to work and learn. Rooted in the early explorations of the rich natural environment of our campus, students eventually move out to explore the world through virtual and real travel to the far reaches of the globe.

To become contributing global citizens, we encourage students to study big issues, to seek out the broader contexts and ramifications of those issues, and to solve them creatively and collaboratively. Our campus prepares them well by bringing together students–many of whom are first- and second-generation Americans–from nearly every continent and major religious background and culture.

Strategic Plan

One of the best ways to see our Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principle in action is by understanding our Strategic Plan. Its four primary focus areas are the guideposts on our five-year journey of trailblazing.