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Financing an MV Education

Making our education financially accessible

Maumee Valley Country Day School is committed to accepting academically prepared students with different interests and backgrounds. Just as we are dedicated to the success of each student, we also are determined to make our education financially accessible to families. We believe our programs and faculty provide a significant advantage to students as they prepare for the next phase of their life. The cost of our tuition reflects the value of this experience and the investment required to sustain it.

Maumee Valley helps make an education affordable through three initiatives:

  1. EdChoice
  2. Flexible Tuition
  3. Merit scholarships and endowment-funded awards

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EdChoice at Maumee Valley

Maumee Valley Country Day School is now a certified EdChoice provider, which can benefit every Ohio Maumee Valley family who chooses to apply for the program. The state’s recent expansion of EdChoice provides students the opportunity to attend an approved private school at a reduced cost by taking their state-allocated funds with them.

What doesn’t change:

  • The EdChoice and EdChoice Expansion programs do not limit our curricular freedom.
  • Our students will not have to take state of Ohio tests. We will maintain our curricular standards and continue to use alternate testing, as we have in the past with the ERBs, PSATs, and ACTs.
  • Our participation will not change who we admit or what our students learn.

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Flexible Tuition at Maumee Valley

Maumee Valley recognizes that families have differing circumstances and abilities to finance an education. That’s why we created the Flexible Tuition program. Using financial data from the family, we can reduce the amount of annual tuition owed based upon individual circumstances. The amount reduced is not a loan and it never needs to be repaid. Neither is it financial aid; instead, families pay the amount of tuition that makes sense for them financially.

We encourage all families to apply. The school’s resources, however, are limited. If you are in doubt, speak with someone in the Business Office.

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Merit scholarships and other financial resource sources

In addition to EdChoice and Flexible Tuition, Maumee Valley has other resources to help finance an education. Those resources include our merit scholarships and endowed awards.

Families can cover costs through other award and savings programs, including the Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund, Ohio 529 Plan, and the Scholarship Granting Organization Scholarship.