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Lasting & Meaningful Connections

Maumee Valley alumni have always served a crucial role in sustaining the school’s reputation and ongoing excellence. Their involvement and contributions significantly impact the overall experience for current students. By fostering strong connections with alumni, Maumee Valley can leverage the collective expertise, resources, and loyalty of their graduates to create a more enriching and sustainable educational environment. Here’s how MV alumni are making a difference today:

  • Mentorship and networking: Sharing your valuable professional networks and experiences. Alumni can serve as mentors to current students, offering guidance on career paths, internships, and job opportunities.
  • Guest lectures and workshops: Speaking or conducting workshops at the school to expose students to real-world experiences and insights. This helps bridge the gap between academic learning and practical application.
  • Recruitment assistance: Assisting with the school’s admissions efforts by representing the institution at college fairs, outreach events, or through personal recommendations. Your success stories are powerful tools for attracting new students.
  • Facilitating internship opportunities: Provide internship opportunities for current students within various industries. This practical experience is valuable for students’ personal and professional development.
  • Reunion events: Organizing reunion events strengthen the sense of community. These events often lead to increased engagement and support for the school.
  • Financial contributions and philanthropic initiatives: Donations provide much-needed financial support by funding scholarships, infrastructure improvements, technology upgrades, and other initiatives that enhance the overall educational environment. Alumni also champion philanthropic initiatives, encouraging peers to contribute to specific causes or projects. These efforts have a substantial impact on our ability to pursue ambitious goals.
  • Feedback and advocacy: Provide valuable feedback on your experiences, helping us identify areas for improvement.

Alumni Events

Spirit Week

Maumee Valley School 1715 South Reynolds Rd., Toledo, OH, United States

Activities throughout the week across divisions building up to the Pep Assembly on Friday and Homecoming Weekend.

Homecoming Weekend

Maumee Valley School 1715 South Reynolds Rd., Toledo, OH, United States

Activities across campus to celebrate school pride

Get Back Give Back Day

Families and alumni are welcomed back to participate as all our favorite songs will be performed: "Auto Song," "Turkey Dinner," "Over the … Continued

Giving Tuesday

Maumee Valley School 1715 South Reynolds Rd., Toledo, OH, United States

This Giving Tuesday, let's come together to support our alma mater and make a difference for current and future students. … Continued

Annual Smead Luncheon

Millhon Auditorium 1715 S. Reynolds Rd., Toledo, OH, United States

Alumni News & Updates

No posts found yet. Check back again for updates!

THE VALLEY magazine

The Valley

The Valley is the alumni and donor magazine of Maumee Valley Country Day School. It is published twice a year: a summer/fall issue and a winter/spring issue. To make sure you are receiving the publication, please email with your correct mailing information.

View past issues

Maumee Valley Alumni Association

The mission of the Maumee Valley Country Day School Alumni Association is to maintain and promote lasting and meaningful connections with the school and fellow alumni. 

  • President: Grace O’Leary ’16
  • Vice president: Nihal Kattar ’13
  • Secretary: Jena Pugh ’04
  • Members: Mona Gohara ’93, Melanie Gross ’91, Brent West ’77, Sachin Hejeebu ’15, Linnea Johnson ’13, Mike Orra ’99, and Jesal Patel ’91

maumee valley alumni group photo

A message from the Alumni Council President

Dear fellow MV graduates,

As the president of the Maumee Valley Alumni Council I am honored to reach out to each and every one of you, the proud alumni of Maumee Valley Country Day School. Our alma mater holds a special place in our hearts, shaping not just our academic journey but instilling values and fostering lifelong friendships.

I urge you to reconnect with the school that has given us so much and to actively participate in its journey forward. Our school’s legacy of excellence is not just a reflection of its faculty and staff but also of the collective efforts of its alumni community. Together, we have the power to ensure that Maumee Valley continues to thrive and maintain its distinguished reputation.

Your involvement can take many forms, whether it’s attending alumni events, volunteering your time and expertise, mentoring current students, or supporting the school financially. Each contribution, no matter how small, plays a crucial role in shaping the future of our beloved institution.

I invite you to mark your calendars for our upcoming events. These gatherings not only provide an opportunity to reconnect with old friends but also offer a platform to share ideas and insights on how we can further strengthen our alma mater. Your presence at these events will undoubtedly enrich our community and inspire current and future students.

Let’s come together as proud alumni of Maumee Valley and work hand in hand to ensure that our school continues to thrive and excel. Together, we can make a difference and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

O'LearyWarm regards,
Grace O’Leary

maumee valley building graphic

MVCDS Connect

MVCDS Connect is an app that brings MV alumni together for easy connecting and networking. It also allows you to post jobs and internships and offer your support to the MV community if you are willing to help or mentor others. Join today to:

  • Advance your career and professional interests with help from other alumni
  • Advise and mentor others in the MV community
  • Expand your professional network (beyond just your class)
  • Stay in touch with other alumni

Already have a profile? Moved or started a new job? Be sure to update your MVCDS Connect profile. It is quick and easy, especially if your profile is connected to LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google.

Create an account:

Once created, use the tool on the go via the app. More than 200 alumni are using it today. Visit iTunes/App Store or Google Play and download the Graduway Community app.


MVCDS Connect is an online platform that brings Maumee Valley alumni together on a single network for easy searching and connecting. It allows alumni to post jobs and internships and offer their support to the community if they are willing to help/mentor others.

Join today: Create an account

MVCDS Connect makes it easy to capitalize on the benefits of being part of the MV network.

  • Directory: Find old friends, make new professional and personal connections, and network with other alumni.
  • Your profile: Make updates to your contact and employment information when they change, and share updates with the rest of the alumni network about projects you’re currently involved in.
  • Jobs and opportunities: Find and share job openings and other opportunities such as internships.
  • Knowledge sharing: Volunteer to be a mentor to other alumni or search for alumni who can help you with career advice and information.
  • Events: Find out about MV alumni events occurring near you!
  • Messaging: Receive and send messages to other alumni through the platform by email, LinkedIn, Facebook.
  • Special interests: Follow or start a special interest page to bring together alumni who have a common goal or interest.

No. MVCDS Connect does not replace our social media channels and, in fact, it actually pulls MV’s Facebook and Twitter feeds into the site. It’s different from social media because it enables you to find, search, and connect with the Maumee Valley alumni network quickly and easily.

You will find the entire Maumee Valley alumni community at your fingertips; all alumni for whom we have an email address will be invited to join. If you know a Maumee Valley alumnus who is not active on MVCDS Connect, please encourage them to join.

The platform is a closed network accessible only by individuals pre-approved by MV’s Office of Alumni Relations. Please be aware that information you share will be viewable by everyone on the platform and Maumee Valley has no control over how members of the site may use the information.

For now, you can access it on your desktop or download the app. 

Register here by creating a username and password (we suggest registering through LinkedIn as it is the quickest and easiest). Follow the step-by-step instructions to add the relevant information. If you happen to register with an email address that we do not have in our records, we will need to approve your request to join manually (which we will do, just bear with us). Once you are registered, post a message to say hello and introduce yourself, upload photos, browse to find people you know, and invite other alumni by using the “invite alumni” arrow on the upper right-hand side of your screen.

Please email if you can’t find your college or university listed so that we may add it to the list.

Log in and click on profile and update your profile. If you still have questions, please contact so we can help you troubleshoot.

If you’ve forgotten your password, use the “forgotten your password” link to reset the password. If you are sure you have the right username and password, then possibly you’ve changed the email address that the system is linked to. If you change your email address in your profile, it might affect your login details. Contact for assistance.

As with all electronic systems, this does sometimes happen. If you experience an error message, email to get immediate assistance.