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  • Biliterate Communication

    Ohio Seal of Biliteracy Program
Maumee Valley Country Day School is excited to announce the adoption of the Ohio Seal of Biliteracy Program. This award is given by a school, district, or state, to recognize qualified, graduating seniors who demonstrate high levels of proficiency in English and at least one other world (foreign) language. This includes modern languages, classical languages, American Sign Language, and native American languages.

Purpose of the Seal of Biliteracy

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  • Encourage the study of languages

  • Certify the attainment of biliteracy

  • Give universities an additional mechanism to identify strong candidates for admission

  • Prepare students with 21st-century skills

  • Recognize the importance of foreign and native language instruction

  • Strengthen inter-group relationships and affirm the value of diversity

The adoption of the Seal of Biliteracy Program advances the school’s vision and mission of graduating students that are prepared and equipped with the knowledge and skills to participate successfully in college, career, and a diverse 21st-century society.
Biliteracy is the ability to communicate with a high level of skill in two languages. Biliterate communication requires the student to have the capability to read and write another language, as well as the ability to listen to and comprehend (or speak/sign) the second language. The student must have the ability to use culturally-appropriate language to communicate spontaneously in non-rehearsed contexts with a high degree of competence, in real-life situations. Because language ability is not static and deteriorates over time, especially if the student is not actively using or learning the language, the testing window to demonstrate that proficiency opens only 15 months before the expected graduation date.

Seal of Biliteracy Requirements and Eligibility

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  • How Does Receiving a Seal Benefit Students?

    Having a Seal will help:
    • Employers and military recruiters identify those graduates who can use their biliteracy skills in a variety of professional contexts.
    • Bolster academic credentials for students applying to college and looking to place into higher level language courses.
  • Who is Eligible?

    ALL students are eligible based on evidence of achieving the designated level of language proficiency in English plus one or more world languages within the 15-month testing window.

  • Foreign Languages Tested

    The AAPPL Measure test is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Arabic/Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Hindi, Italian, Japanese.

    ASL students must take the SLPI and obtain a score of 3 or higher in (Sign Language Proficiency Interview for American Sign Language).

    If the student intends to test for a language not listed above, they should contact Adriana McNally at for additional information and approval. If there is no assessment listed for a specific world language that a student is trying to assess, the school will contact the Ohio Department of Education to help identify an appropriate evaluation for that language.
  • Has the student met one of the English language arts proficiency requirements?

    a.  Earned a remediation-free score on the English and reading sections of the ACT (English-18, Reading-22) or SAT (English), Evidence-Based Reading and Writing-480; or

    b. Earned a score of proficient or higher on the 9-12 Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment
  • Has the student satisfied one of the foreign language proficiency requirements?

    a. Passed an Advanced Placement (AP) foreign language examination with a score of 4 or higher; or

    b. Attained a score of Intermediate High or higher in comprehension, speaking, reading and writing the foreign language based on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages ProficiencyGuidelines found at, using assessments approved by the Ohio Department of Education; or

    c. Attained a score equivalent to Intermediate High or higher on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Proficiency Guidelines in interpersonal signing, presentational signing and demonstrating understanding of American Sign Language on an American Sign Language assessment approved by the Ohio Department of Education; or

    d. Attained a score equivalent to Intermediate High or higher on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Proficiency Guidelines in interpretive reading and presentational writing on a classical language assessment approved by the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Steps to Apply

    • Complete the Ohio Seal of Biliteracy Application of Intent - which can be found on this page, below this list, in the Upper School Office, or in the College Counselor’s Office at the beginning of the Junior or Senior year.
    • Review the approved assessments you intend to use to demonstrate proficiency and the qualifying scores.
    • Return the application to the Upper School Office.
    • Make sure you are registered to take the approved assessments in both English and world languages.
    • Remember that the testing window opens 15 months before the expected graduation date. Tests taken before this time will not qualify a student.

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