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The mission of the MVCDS English Department is to promote literacy; we want students to read, write, and think critically, communicate effectively, and understand a variety of perspectives.

English Department Transfer Goals
  • Students will have the ability to write effectively for varied audiences and purposes, in different genres and styles, with a unique voice.
  • Students will overtly reflect on how they read and listen.
  • Students will become competent and proficient readers.
  • Students will understand diverse cultures and experiences.
  • Students will gather, analyze, and communicate complex information effectively.
  • Students will express themselves creatively in ways that reflect original thinking.
  • Students will develop speaking skills that allow them to engage in meaningful discussions and to present their ideas with clarity and supporting evidence.

  • English 7

    Students participate in a “Reading- and Writing- Workshop” style class where they read and write each day.  The goal is to create life-long readers and writers. The units of study will focus on increasing student’s reading and writing skills.  Students, as readers, will continue strengthening their reading ability as a critical thinker analyzing the author’s craft, message, and intention.  Students use their reading to better understand who they are and the world around them. Throughout the year, students read, respond to and discuss a wide variety of both fiction and nonfiction texts.  Students, as writers, will use the writing process as they received intentional instruction about what authors do as they write. Students will use their “voice” when writing stories and essays that matter to their lives.  Throughout the year, students will write personal narratives, fiction, literary essays, and research essay.
  • English 8

    Eighth-grade students explore their identities as members of a reading and writing community. They hone their skills in academic and creative writing.  Daily lessons touch on literary, linguistic, rhetorical, and grammatical themes. Students read and respond to a wide variety of both print and non-print texts. Rhetorical devices, conventions of the English language and vocabulary are studied and applied on a regular basis. Sample units of study include the elements of fiction, poetic devices, conducting research, and responding to literature. Sample projects include the literary essay, the personal statement, the critical review, and the ekphrastic poem.
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